I’ll take my sash, pink roses and crown now please!

Mom of the Year right here! Even though I’ll probably only have the title for about 30 minutes I want to tell you about the awesome thing I did the other day. My girls had been working hard at cleaning a little bit and playing a lot, well they were about to leave for Schlitterbahn but I wanted my living room cleaned up. I knew saying “clean before you play” wasn’t going to be good. Veronica would roll her eyes and Danielle would cry, you know the usual song and dance. So I had a brilliant idea!

There was about an hour and 1/2 before their uncle came to pick them up so I told them that if they cleaned for 30 mins they could have the rest of the time to do what they wanted. However to make sure I didn’t do the “mom thing” and not tell them when 30 minutes was up I set a timer! I gave the kids two rules: 1. If you just sat down and stopped cleaning I added 5 mins to the timer. 2. When the time went off we stopped.

They LOVED it. Veronica kept watching and saying things like “We gotta hurry”, “Only 15 mins left”, and “No Danielle don’t sit down”. It was funny and they were working. So while I was relaxing in my clean living room I was thinking that that was a great idea, but it was confirmed this morning! I asked the girls if we could “timer clean” the dining room and they both said sure! The dining room is the room where we drop everything when we walk in, so it’s the first room to get cluttered. Looks like I have a new way to keep my house clean.

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