The Royal Pets


He is a sweet little puppy who takes his job of guarding the Castle very seriously. He will run around and play with the queens during the day and then sleep outside their bedroom door at night guarding it.


She thinks she is a queen also! She has been in my life almost as long as my husband. She only spends time with you when it”s good for her or when she needs something. She is very loving and the girls like her, but they also know to keep their distance.


She is a new cat to our family. Probably the last thing we need right now, but it gives the Queens their own little baby to play with.


4 thoughts on “The Royal Pets

  1. Oh, my, no, I’m no hero, but it sure does sound nice! I’m just a mom who got fed up with the misunderstanding, miseducation, and mistreatment of our gifted children. I found my voice when I experienced first hand the pain and damage the wrong educational environment can cause. That’s all! But thank you for your sweet vote of confidence!

    Your three queens are ADORABLE! I bet they rule the Kingdom, right? And I love your blog – so whimsical and royal!

    But, hey, back to that hero part; do you think I could add “Hero” as a job or skill on my Linkedin account? lol 🙂


  2. hehe thanks!! My GT teacher posted your article and I was like “I”m not alone!!” I see the miseducation of my child all the time. Thank you for giving me some words I didn’t have. 🙂

    I will totally be a reference for you on Linkdin if you want to add “Hero” as a job or skill. 🙂


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