The Ugly Truth and a Light at the end of the Tunnel

Here goes:

I have cried more this year then I think I ever have in my life.  The only problem with that is if someone were to ask me why I wouldn’t know what to say to them.


Sure there’s work stuff, and bills stuff, and am I giving my kids all they need stuff, and messy house stuff…..and well the list could go on.

I look for ways out. Some ways are sad and horrible, some ways are what if I just blindly followed a dream. Some ways are clouded in selfishness and jealously.

So I’ve gotten myself a new project.

If you’ve logged into faceobook in the last 6 months I’m sure you have seen people making money and being happy selling anything from oils to melty smell goods, to really cute bags (I know I have 4 of them), but I just can’t do that.  I’m not a sells person.  I can’t say you need to spend 25 dollars on the sentsy and not 5 dollars on the same one at Wal-mart.  I just don’t have that sales person personality.

But then it hit me….you can sell what you are passionate about and if there’s one thing I’m passionate about it’s my girls.  No don’t call CPS  or Liam Neeson I don’t mean in that way.  I mean the hubster and I do parenting differently then anyone else we know and it works.  Well it works for us. So let me try and make sense of this new adventure for you.

Veronica has asked to get into streaming (playing games live on twitch), Rex would love to get into it as well.  So why not show dads that it’s ok for your kids to stream?  Why not help teach young girls that if you want to be a gamer go ahead, it doesn’t make you a bad person.  Why not show them that not all dad’s are about going outside and throwing a baseball for their kid…but there are other ways to bond with these digital kids?  Why not show them our ideas and ways of raising kids to still be good kids in this ever changing digital world?

There are rules and things that have to be followed.  The first and most important one is REAL PEOPLE FIRST!!!  You don’t leave the people you with in the flesh to go hang out with digital people.  It’s just not allowed in our house.

Ok there are TONS I could say about this.  Tons that will be said to better explain exactly what we are doing….but right now it’s a start with baby steps.

I am taking on a second or is it third  by now job of being a Social Media Manager.  My husband and daughter are getting together everything so they can stream with League of Legends games and hopefully help parents be ok with those games they don’t understand and kids (especially girls) feel it’s ok to be a gamer.

Now to be fair it’s going to be about a year before we can really do this.  We have to have a place for them to stream. This is going to be a big one and we are hoping with the end of 12 years of day care payments only 2 months away we can start putting money aside for a home that would have an extra room for this.  There is also computer upgrades, video equipment and microphones that need to be.

However we have created a twitter, instagram, blog, facebook and snapchat.  We are setting them up and adding pictures and information and opinions and such to get our names out there.  If you are up to following us on any of that social media stuff you can find us @TheRokbyters but be warned that right now there is nothing there.  We just created this last weekend and it’s a work in progress.  Today we got a second monitor for hubster and Friday we get some better internet.  So give us time. 🙂

Our goal is to stream and interact with other players and make parents feel that it’s ok for their kids to game and give them an understanding of exactly what their kids are doing. Also a place for girls to feel ok about it, and not think that video gaming is just for boys. I feel this can also open doors for daddy/daughter relationships to grow and blossom.  Those relationships between kids and parents are so important and if we can help out even just one then we have done a good deed.

Do I expect to be able to quit my job and do this full time?  No, but if it came to that then I would.

My girls will still go to school and  college and still have social lives and still do all the other teenager stuff.

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