What’s in a name?

So in the last few weeks I have been asked more times then usual about my daughters’ names. They are not ones you hear often (at least where we live) and they are nice….flow well together. So since we haven’t done anything exciting and worth blogging about just sit back and enjoy a story. If you already know the stories then just scroll on by. 🙂

First I need to tell you that my husband’s name is a sentence. When translated it means “King of a town of Little Devils” ok that’s funny and magical.

We have an old fashioned last name straight out of England so we knew we wanted old fashioned names. As a teacher I knew they had to be names I didn’t hear often.

1. Veronica Elizabeth:

The meaning of the name Veronica: Bringing Victory
The meaning of the name Elizabeth: God Is My Oath

Veronica was my great grandma’s name and Elizabeth was my grandma’s name. As soon as I knew I was having a girl I knew Elizabeth was going to be in there. That was not an option. Veronica was one we called out of a book but when I looked at it I knew. I knew that it was perfect. We managed to keep it a secret until she was born. I kinda liked that we kept it secret, but I think it drove the grandparents a little crazy. 🙂

My FAVORITE photo!
My FAVORITE photo!

2. Danielle Marie:

The meaning of the name Danielle: God Is My Judge
The meaning of the name Marie: Of The Sea Or Bitter

I wish I could tell you there is a romantic story behind Danielle’s name, I truly do but my momma taught me not to lie. Marie was my grandma’s middle name, so in my heart my grandma is truly living on within my children.

Danielle on the other hand comes from a crush. See to help me relax while I was pregnant Hubster had me start watching Stargate SG1 and well I kinda fell in love. I loved the stories. I loved the characters. I loved the universe that was created.

I loved this man. He was kind. He was smart. He was caring. He was nerdy.

Dr. Daniel Jackson

On a whim I said “Why don’t we use the name Danielle after Dr. Jackson?” Well it stuck. He loved it and I loved it. So my Danielle came from my fan girl love! 🙂

D Marie
D Marie

3. Jillian Alexandria

The meaning of the name Jillian: Youthful
The meaning of the name Alexandria: City Of Alexander

When Danielle was 9 months old I started my teaching career. My first year teaching as I’m standing in front of the class calling attendance for the first time I read Jillian. In my mind I heard “that’s your daughter’s name”. I laughed it off because well it wasn’t and at that point we were done with two. So I went on with life.

Much like it happens when you let God be in control I had a perfectly timed not 100% planned pregnancy that I wouldn’t change. I found out it was a girl and I remember Jillian and that name. Well Hubster liked it but he didn’t love it. He was set on a Catherine, but in my heart I knew. So we went to the hospital with a plan. If she was born with red hair she was Jillian because it would fit…if she wasn’t well then she wasn’t.

On September 28, 2011 out came my little red headed freckle faced Jillian! The first thing Hubster said he saw was “She’s Jillian”! I knew all along she would be.

Alexandria came from books! Both hubster and I had been engrossed in any and all books involving Greek Mythology and I felt it was best to use that as her middle name. I wish it was shorter and lots of times I call her Jillian Grace (that was my choice but because of Veronica we couldn’t do that). However I feel she has a pretty strong name.

Cute and smart
Cute and smart

All baby name meanings were copied from www.babynames.com


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