Inside Out Family Fun!

For the 3rd year in a row my family got together with friends and family and enjoyed a kids movie and dinner. Each year I am so very grateful for those that come out and join my daughters in this fun day. It’s always a movie for them but typically the adults enjoy the day more! The girls spend the week up to the Family Fun Day dancing around singing and counting the people that are going to be there with them.

This year’s movie was the newest Pixar on Inside Out. Short review- it’s about feelings having feelings.

They all fit!
They all fit!

While we waited in line we took a chance to enjoy the photo op!


Afterwards we walked to the nearby resturant and enjoyed them cooking at our table.



I tried to be sneaky with my camera and came out with this one. She would have gone home with her if we would have let her!

Jillian loves her Aunt Amber!
Jillian loves her Aunt Amber!

Will we do it again next summer? You bet!! Next summer I think it’s going to be Finding Family Fun!


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