First adventure of the summer!!

The plan for the summer is to let each day happen (except a few that are already planned). I woke up thinking today was a pajama day you know t.v. and relaxing, maybe a book some Friends reruns on netflix.

But the day wanted something else, the day wanted an adventure!

So we ventured down some dusty roads to a hidden treasure. A rock shop! Who knew there was such an amazing place in our small town?

sooo many rocks
sooo many rocks
loved digging around in the pretty polished rocks.
loved digging around in the pretty polished rocks.
weighing her treasures
weighing her treasures

With dozens of different themed rooms and any type of rock you could think of this place had a story to tell. It was just about rocks, it was about history and science and even some jewelry.


Of course exploring rocks made my little adventurers very hungry. We were near one of our favorite places to go so we stopped in for fried chicken, mashed potatoes and peach cobbler!


Since we have gotten home the girls have been playing with their rocks, counting them trying to look through them, arranging them in color patterns. I think I might have some rock hounds on my hands now.

So we kicked off summer with an unplanned local magical adventure! Welcome to summer 2015!


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