The story of my life

Psst…hey you look up at the url bar….do you see it? If I did it right it should say “” yep that’s home now and it’s soooooo fitting. Of course I will give credit where it is due because it was the hubster’s idea. I simply told him that I liked the royal theme of the blog but needed a catchy title, so that’s what he came up with.

for those of you that are new hubster’s name is Rex and means king, my name is Sarah and means Princess and we have 3 girls…see what I did here? Yep we are clever!

So why pains?

Yes I love my kids but parenthood is rough y’all. I can laugh at the struggles and my heart swells with pride at the joy. I’ve struggled a lot with being enough and being just right and now I have learned that I am…I am just what my girls and my family needs. Yes I have struggles, everyone does but it’s the strength of my hubster and the laughter and smiles of my girls that gets me through.

a reminder I wear every day
a reminder I wear every day


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