Real moms sleep on popcorn kernels!

Sure the princess had her pea because she was so delicate and princess like she was going to feel that pea. Everyone has a special place there they lay their head down at night.

This mom right here is so mom like that she slept on popcorn kernels!! The kids are home and our family LOVES popcorn and movies and snuggling. So after an afternoon of netflix in mommy’s bed (because it’s the best place for snuggles) there were a few rogue kernels that showed themselves at 1:00 a.m. Of course like the good mom I am I didn’t scream obscenities …no not after being woken up from a dead sleep, I remembered snuggling with my kids and the warm fuzzies that come with that.

Sometimes being a mom is deadly and I’m not sure who for! Little girls are changing my sheets today!



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