You want proof? I’ve got tons of proof!

It starts with a field trip. Only truly fun things happen this time of year. The tests are done and passed so why not take the kids to NASA? They are still learning and this time it’s really cool stuff.


Then we have Field Day. Nothing better then some friendly competition between classmates. We work on working together all year long, but then at the end we celebrate it with games!



Even the church groups get in on this. Celebrating a great year with ice cream and a concert.



Then come the awards….UiL, Honor Roll, Science, Art, Music, P.E. awards. Those awards that say you are done! That you have accomplished all you can in this year and it’s time to move on to bigger and better things.




And while there are no pictures…there was that once in a lifetime “officially a woman” date to dinner and movie this week!!!

There you have it…all my evidence that time is an asshole and kids grow up way to quick and this mom isn’t ready for her babies to grow up!!



P.S. There are more pictures of Danielle because well teenager things!

One thought on “You want proof? I’ve got tons of proof!

  1. I simply do not want to think about next school year. I’m going to enjoy every last drop of this summer, and pretend it will never happen. I know I will cry like a dramatic soap opera queen the first week back to school, but that is forever away. I have a lot of time to delude myself until then. UGGGHHHH!

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