The Magic of a Moment.

Last night while we heard our nightly report about the happenings of all the kids at the Montessori School, while Danielle almost tipped something over and made everyone life, while Veronica wanted to tell us what she learned at school, while the instrumental music played in the back I had a thought….it will never be like this again.

Oh sure we still have thousands of family dinners ahead of us because we eat like this EVERY. SINGLE NIGHT. but Jilly won’t be in class with her “boyfriend” Ryan. Veronica will soon be a moody teenager that hates the world and Danielle won’t always be a klutz (I hope).

It’s stress putting these dinners on every night…I mean why do the kids want food every day? Everyone who has kids understands that. The hubster and I always dream of meals without “the interrupters” and the few that we do get are magical, but one day I’m going to miss it. The laughter, the stories, the fighting over napkins, will be gone in the blink of an eye.

So last night when all this hit me, as I was rushing to get to a friend’s baseball game, I stopped and I did my best to capture it.

The magical moment that just makes my heart explode with love for my family and my girls.


It’s not a fancy picture. The light isn’t just right and I didn’t crop out the mess. Hell I didn’t even tell anyone to look at me. It was my view, my reality, my loves.


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