The last gift he would ever give me.

He had only been working there for about a year and a half but already had scored one of the best jobs available. He was in charge of the babies. It was an easy and fun job for him, checking the new babies and making sure they were just right. Each one came past him and he gave it a final check on the conveyer belt before they were sent down to answer the prayers of those waiting. Today was different…he stopped the belt from moving, halted the other workers and went back in the line about 5 babies down.

There he saw her. A few little freckles, a brain and heart so big it was about to burst and a sense of humor to make all the angels laugh. He said that he had to have that one, there was a special home that little bundle of joy had to go, even if there had been no prayers for it. It didn’t matter! He was her grandpa and if he said this child in heaven was made for her, he was going to make it happen.

But first one little gift…one gift to let his granddaughter know that this one was picked out by him just for her….a sense of stubbornness, anxiety, love and weirdness only matched by him.

When I woke up from that dream 12 years a go I had an urge to take one of my pregnancy tests that were in the back of my cabinet. See the Hubster and I were just married and we weren’t trying but not avoiding, always having the plan that God knew what he was doing (without being Duggers).

This week my baby turned 11. There are some days when I look at pictures of my grandpa and roll my eyes and say Thanks and yet I knew exactly why he sent her to me. I’m grateful that he stopped that conveyer belt that day.

At her first birthday party
At her first birthday party






* My Grandfather passed away on April 27, 2002 and my world was shattered. After marrying the Hubster I would have a dream one night and wake up and find that it had worked out. I choose to believe it was real. 🙂


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