Everything IS awesome!

I can’t find them. They aren’t in the living room, they aren’t dancing around me screaming, wait what’s that?? Is that laughter? Is that the sound of a 10 year old, a 7 year old and a 3 year old laughing?? TOGETHER?!?!?! I slowly creep up to Danielle’s bedroom and I hear talk about friends at school and dare I say it boys. My girls getting along and working together… what sorcery is this?

It’s the power of Legos!

These magic little building blocks of sisterly love!
These magic little building blocks of sisterly love!

I’ve always wanted to be a lego family. You know the ones…where the parent walks around in fear of stepping on one, the family that builds together, and gets excited about going to the store for a new set.





As I’m sitting there building an ice castle for my littlest princess I turn to the hubster and tell him how excited I would be to be able to build the Harry Potter world. To create my own Harry Potter world all glued together and set up so I could pretend to live in it would just be awesome. He turned to me and said “did you even watch the Lego Movie?” LOL!

We are a family obsessed with Legos and can’t wait to pick up more! This summer out plan is to build a lego table! If I’m going to have land mines in the house I’m going to organize them.


2 thoughts on “Everything IS awesome!

  1. I think you might be my soulmate, as creepy as that sounds. I’ve been trying to convince my husband to start purchasing the Harry Potter Legos online so I can have my own world. My kids are Lego obsessed. I LOVE the Frozen ones! I had no idea those existed!

    1. Danielle- They have a few Disney Princess ones now. Ariel’s underwater castle will be our next purchase! Yesterday I saw that they have an elves collection! Soo cute!

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