Why are you not here?!?!

That’s the question I asked the hubster as I stuffed the most awesomely delicious boudin ball in my mouth Saturday morning!

I was at a hole in the wall Cajun Kitchen in Lake Charles, LA taking in the culture and I wanted to share it with him so bad!


The home of Boudin Balls!
The home of Boudin Balls!

His answer?? “Because I have a penis” and he was right! It was girls weekend! I traveled across that really really tall bridge to spend some time with some girlfriends and to celebrate spring break 2015!


We ate fantastic things!


We tried our luck at the games!Did you know that you can’t bring a bag of pennies to play the penny slots?? Well I didn’t and I sure got some funny looks when I told people that was my plan.


We took in some local sights.




I took selfies! That rarely happens!


It was a fun time with girls that I work with every day, but have never really hung out with. So we spent the time getting to know each other, talking about work and kids, and just enjoying ourselves. It’s been a long time since I laughed that much for no apparent reason!

I hope all of you are having an awesome spring break! I’m thankful that the sun is out this week, even though we don’t have anything planned!


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