As if Daylights Savings time wasn’t a big enough reason to hate Time…here are 3 more!

1. Jillian brought home school pictures this week.

3 years old?
3 years old?

This is my 3 year old? Yep no baby in that face! She looks all grown up and full of attitude!

2. Danielle just turned 7 and we had a wonderful party, I have to remind myself that she’s really a 1st grader even though she’s in 2nd grade. She reads on an advanced 3rd grader level and she just got accepted into GT!! We are so very proud of her!!

3. For 6 years I have been sending home letters to 5th graders about Jr. High schedules, meetings and classes. This week one came home to me!!

Class of 2022
Class of 2022

Really class of 2022! Time for your 5th grader to be a 6th grader?? Nope!! Not at all! Can I refuse this? The silver lining is that she has decided (on her own I might add) to sign up for band! I’ve always wanted to be a band mom!

Time and emotions are running crazy around here! It won’t stop raining and we are hours away from spring break! I hope you are all having an awesome week interwebz!


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