Mommy, I have to give my heart to Jesus

It’s Thursday! That means rush out of school as quickly as I can, pick up all the kids, feed them and get to the church by 5:30. We run the sound board at church and thursday’s we practice.

As a person growing up Catholic where the only obligation I ever had to church was Sunday morning, I have a very unusual relationship with the Methodist Church my family goes to now. We are there 3 days a week because we are so involved so sometimes I walk through those doors and I feel like I’m home and other times I walk through those doors and I think about all the things at home that need my attention, but I return every week because even tough the dishes need washing and the laundry needs folding I love being involved at the church.

So back to today….

Practice has run late because our music man added a new song and lots of members of our band were missing…so when we were done at 7:15 I went to the nursery to pick up the kids. As usual they had done a little craft and with Valentine’s having just passed they colored hearts. Jillian comes through the door saying “Mommy I have to give my heart to Jesus”.

Being the smart little girl that Danielle is she says “How are you going to do that, he’s dead?” Jillian explains that she is going to go up there and give it to Him and then go home. I wasn’t exactly sure what she was planning on doing with her hearts but I took her into the sanctuary when I saw the Praise team was praying and we joined in the circle. She smiled at me the whole time her daddy was praying out loud and kept her little bitty hands next to those hearts. She had a plan and she wasn’t going to let anyone stop her!

The prayers end and everyone turns to leave when Jillian sees the wooden cross on the Alter and makes a bee line for it.

The mom in me kicks in because it’s her bed time and we haven’t even had bathes and tomorrow’s picture day and we still have to drive home and …. and …. and…

Jillian stops me, stomps her foot in that red headed three year old way and says “Mommy I’m not leaving until I give my heart to Jesus!” In that moment dishes, laundry, bed times don’t matter any more. I realize that this girl is serious and I need to not let this moment pass. So I ask her if it would be ok for her to put her hearts up there by the cross I take a picture and then she gives them away. I’m thinking our Pastor and Children’s Minister would love them. She agrees!

As she smiling the proudest smile, I’m crying the happiest tears. I’m thankful for the reminder from a little girl about what is most important.

Jillian gave her heart to Jesus tonight!
Jillian gave her heart to Jesus tonight!


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