My Sand Souvenir

So remember that little trip to the Caribbean we took in August? Well going into the trip I knew exactly what my souvenir would be but first I had to make sure it was legal to make!

I made sure that we were going to a beach because I wanted my girls to see a real beach. Before we left the ship I talked to the customs guy to make sure it would be ok if I brought back a small ziploc bag of sand. After he looked at me like I was crazy he said it would be fine. But hello..this beach is beautiful!

You can't find beaches like this in Texas!
You can’t find beaches like this in Texas!
Even Olaf enjoyed the white sand
Even Olaf enjoyed the white sand

So I took a piece of the Grand Caymans home with me…but that wasn’t the end of the sand story.

I also took a picture of a magical moment for the hubster. When he got to snorkel for the first time.


So after getting home with all my tools it was time to put my treasure together.


After buying Teeny Tiny Olaf just for the cruise and turning him into a very special part of the cruise I decided that he needed to be a part of this special souvenir also.

Have to make sure he's in there just right.
Have to make sure he’s in there just right.

I filled the bottom of a shadow box with the sand all the way from Grand Cayman, piece of coral and Olaf.


Now I forever have a little piece of the Caribbean in my home and a great memory.

I let Jillian kiss Olaf before we put in him the sand, but when it was all done she didn’t like it. She told me it made her sad to see him stuck behind the glass. She has a new Olaf and we explained to her that he was bought just for the cruise so he’s happy.

We have also decided that every trip we take from now on will have a little Teeny Tiny mascot and will end up in a shadowbox with the perfect picture and the perfect piece of the place we visit.


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