An old tradition made new

Christmas cookies! You know what I’m talking about, rolling out the dough, picking the best cookie cutters, waiting not so patiently for the cookies to cook and then they had to cool. Oh Emm Gee it took forever for them to cool. After that agonizing hour of waiting the kids are done and over it! If cookies are going to get decorated that night it’s going to be by mom!

So you try a few different things. You buy the rolls of dough because you are thinking one less step right? Or you try the make the cookies the weekend before you want to decorate them so you are ready. Doing this you end up with hard cookies if they make it to the freezer before daddy gets ahold of it.

I love the tradition of decorating sugar cookies at Christmas! I have some very fond memories of evenings with my mom and Aunt Mary decorating cookies late into the night. I also have memories of people getting grumpy and bored with the cookies, but still feeling “you have to do’s the holidays”.

I tried to be easy on the kids with this tradition. I wanted them to have it…but I didn’t want the arguments. Some years we skipped them all together because frankly no one ate them. It became more of a “let’s make a mess to get some pictures real fast before everyone gets angry”.

That is until this year! This year the Angels of baked goods and Christmas traditions shone their light on our house! This year I got this amazing idea from the great interwebz. This year changed Christmas traditions FOREVER!

Do you see those cookies in front of Jilly? They look like sugar cookies don’t they…well they aren’t.

Can you tell the difference?
Can you tell the difference?

They are Walkers shortbread cookies! In Christmas shapes!! It’s like a Christmas cookies coloring book just waiting to be covered in mounds of powered sugar icing and sprinkles! Look at those shapes, they are all the ones we would have made!  Maybe need a snowman, but really I’m kinda over building snowmen living with a 3 year old!

I bought the cookies for $4.99 at Wal-mart *, I got my pictures, they kids got the experience and everyone won!!

So I give you my old tradition made new…and honestly you wouldn’t have known I bought the cookies if I hadn’t have told you.


No Danielle this color for Santa's beard
No Danielle this color for Santa’s beard
Never enough sprinkles
Never enough sprinkles
Trying one out in the middle of working
Trying one out in the middle of working
Merry Christmas Walkers!
Merry Christmas Walkers!

* I will say that there are 18 cookies in a box, two boxes was perfect. It worked out to where there was one for Danielle and one for Jillian. The 3 year old was able to decorate all of them and NOT. GET. BORED!!!!


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