The post where I try and make up for being absent for a month!

A maybe not so quick update on each of us…one at a time.

Jillian- Still as freckle faced and sweet as ever! She laughs at EVERYTHING and I hear tons about how she hugs and kisses on all the boys in her school.

Danielle- Well we have had some rocky roads with Danielle and I’m not talking about ice cream. She tired out for UiL but we had some problems with her staying still, so I became “that mom” the mom that gives my ADHD child a diet mountain dew to control her wiggles instead of medicating her. She didn’t make the team (which I feel is a blessing) but we all learned some things. We have also had some bad grades, but she is learning her lesson, like maybe she really does need to study for spelling tests.

Otherwise she is doing well and I can’t wait to see her sing a solo in the church Christmas play in a couple of week.

Veronica- well 5th grade is surprisingly good for her! Her grades are awesome, her outlook is great and she has lots of friends. Maybe 4th grade was her awkward time, but she is doing very well. I’m very proud of her. Of course she keeps talking about Junior High and shaving like it’s right around the corner and she needs to stop that!!

Me and the Hubster- well we are busy as always. Busy at work, busy at home, busy at the church. There was about a month when life was topsy turvy because of work, but I think it’s settling down. As usual we are still knocking on doors down a hallway that only God knows where it leads. We’ll see what happens. This past week someone knocked back and is talking to us through the peephole…maybe it will open maybe not. 🙂 sorry for being so vague.

So is that boring enough? I think I brought you all up to speed. No real reason for being gone. I’ve been watching t.v., grading papers, and playing computer games with the hubster.

I promise I’ll try and be better. 🙂


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