No catchy title….this is just life.

Life with 3 girls is never dull!! Here are 3 very different yet equally funny stories about each of my girls.

Story #1-

We are walking out of my school and Danielle is talking about all the fun she had in 2nd grade that day. She says that she got to see Ms. Cook in the afternoon. Veronica interrupts her and says “Oh I get it! It’s afternoon because it comes after noon”. I just look at her and want to talk to her about interrupting her sister, but she is truly excited that she has discovered what the word “afternoon” means. The only response I had for was to inform her that I was immediately facebooking that.

Story #2-

It’s early morning and we are all running around getting ready like we usually are. Jillian starts crying. In hopes to salvage the morning and make sure everyone leaves the house in a good mood I try to console her. As I’m asking her why she’s crying she sobs through tears “Danielle said that my feet have boobs, and I have to cover them up with socks”. It takes me a minute to realize that she’s talking about her toes. I inform her that those aren’t boobs on the end of her feet they are piggies, she touches them and says that sounds better and runs off to put on her socks.

Story #3-

This story I actually heard about my child from the parent of the other child involved, luckily we are friends that just happen to work together. We have a special deal with Jillian’s Day care where we get to drop her off 15 minutes before they open (so we can get to work on time)so she’s able to see all of her friends get dropped off. One friend that she likes a whole lot is Ryder. She hugs on him and kisses him and mothers him, all those silly little things 3 year olds do. Well one morning she is feeling extra spunky and as soon as she sees Ryder she puts her arms out and says “come here Ryder, get your hugs”. He listens to the girl like his good momma taught him, but Jillian doesn’t stop there. She says “Now give me a big kiss”, as she’s saying this she places one hand on each of his cheeks and pulls him in for a lip lock! That girl always makes sure she gets what she wants!

The only part the mom was made about was that she didn’t get her camera out of her pocket quick enough to take pictures of the interaction.


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