Sunday Shorts- at least I think this is how it goes! :)

Ok no excuses except I guess I felt like I didn’t have anything to say. Sure I could complain about my busy life, but it means I have a job and kids. We had some adventures here and there, and I took pictures but just never got around to sharing them with you guys. So if you will forgive me….here we go again!

1. Time sped up really really fast and my baby was magically turned into a 3 year old. She is finally calling herself a big girl, but she still asks to “sit in lappie and sleep on shoulder”. Jillian you can do that for as long as you like.

My 3 year old!
My 3 year old!

2. With the month of October most people get excited about Pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING. Not this family! We get excited about bagpipes, meade and fairy wings. It’s Ren Fest time for us! Our costumes are ready, our weekend is picked out, and we are not so patiently waiting for the canon to go off and the gates to open!

3. Football season is in full swing! The girls love to walk to the games.

Cheering on her Lions!
Cheering on her Lions!

4. Wednesday starts a new adventure for me! I’ll be teaching a bible study at church. OMG I’m so scared!!! It will be great for me and the hubster is going to help out…but still…hello giant leap out of comfort zone!


5. School is going good for the girls. I found a book mark in one of Danielle’s library books….check out that reading level for my 6 year old!

that means 6th month of 2nd grade and 6th month of 3rd grade.
that means 6th month of 2nd grade and 6th month of 3rd grade.

6. Please vote often…these are so yummy! I ❤ wasabi chips!

it's a contest to pick the next flavor.

7. Both Danielle and Veronica at participating in UiL this year. Veronica is doing music memory and Danielle is doing Oral reading.

8. We’ve had tears over some bad grades, made new friends, had parties for teachers, learned to bake an awesome cake and just been enjoying the family.

I hope you all have a great week and I promise to be better. 🙂


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