I have written and deleted this about 5 times. I’ve said it in my head and it sounded great, I’m typed it and nothing. There are no words in my heart to describe what you are about to see. Proud is not strong enough. Love is not deep enough. Understanding is what I feel. Understanding inside the Goofy and Twisted mind of my anxiety suffering daughter.

This makes her eyes light up.

This makes her heart happy.

This makes her mind calm and focused.

This makes her listen to music in a whole new way.

This brings her to life.

The process
The process

This is the final product. (You will want your volume turned up for it)

The song is Family by Toby Mac and the scenes are from Naruto. She just heard the music and saw it play out in her head this way.

This is how my daughter expresses herself.

This is her voice when she can’t find it.

This is her peace.


One thought on “This….

  1. This is indeed something that is amazing to see. She is always so excited, and so ready to make the next one. “Dad, I heard this song.. what do you think about using it in a video this way?” As someone who has spent thousands of hours doing video editing for my own peace and solace, I completely and totally understand. There are still some songs that just play out as an AMV (Anime Music Video, for those un-initiated) in my head.

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