The life of a busy mom!

Well we are rocking through the first week of school! The routine has come back easily and we’re busy but we are having fun.

We are a family that likes to be involved. Church, UiL, choir, American Heritage Girls, the list goes on and on.

just a normal week around here!
just a normal week around here!

So sometimes things go undone. Sometimes I’m playing on my phone in front of my kids, it’s my 2 minutes of down time. I was very happy to see this article pop up on my news feed. There are many things out there to make moms feel guilty about how they are raising their children. Those perfect pinterest moms that are crafting goddesses. Those homeschool moms that can teach their kids algebra and have a perfectly clean house. Those crunchy moms that make their own butter and baby wipes.

I can’t do any of those things, but I can give my kids life experiences and busy and full childhoods that they will always remember.

We stay busy because I’m happiest when we are, and you know “happy wife, happy life”. 🙂 Hubster has his things he’s involved in, I have mine and we have ours as a family. We just never stop.

So this one part of the article came at the exact time that I needed it:

. As long as you’re doing your best to make it all work for your family, you’re doing just fine, and that’s what matters.


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