Ugh, Mornings!!

A few years ago I saw a blog where a woman had hired a professional photographer to come in and take pictures of her mornings. You know when the whole family is rushing to get ready and get out the door. I couldn’t fathom doing that.

I mean first of all there is the huge cases of “I don’t want to get out of bed”. The girls sometimes will cling to anything or anyone to get to stay under the covers.


There is the daunting task of having to make breakfast for 4 girls, timing the grits with the eggs, getting the fried egg order just right, and sometimes surprising them to pancakes.


And we won’t even talk about making lunches for two picky girls. The one who won’t eat sandwiches and the one that has to see exactly what’s in there before she will put it in her backpack. You know little sister starts crying when she feels left out.


Of course when trying to figure out what to wear on these Texas mornings you sometimes have to check the weather.


Sometimes we wake up grumpy……sometimes we let her sleep.


But mornings have cereal


mornings have coffee


mornings have good bye hugs for big sisters


mornings have family


Mornings won’t always involve tears from a hair brush, hunting down shoes, or watching the time tick away while waiting for girls to get ready. One day mornings will be quiet and calm and boring.

For now I will enjoy waking up in beautiful chaos of my mornings and if it gets too much to handle, I’ll just put on another pot of coffee for the kids!



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