I spent a week in the Carribbean and all I burnt were my ass checks!!

As you know we took a cruise. We had a wonderful time. I’m going to post about it…but in segments here is #1.

I am a pretty pale person. I have been sunburnt a lot in my life, one time so bad it resulted in 1 inch high blisters on my shoulders. So spending a week out in the ocean I took extra good care of myself. I didn’t want to spend time on the ship suffering from sun sickness.

I covered myself in sunblock every day SPF 100, and every time I went out in the sun. I wore a sunhat, both to protect myself and to keep me from getting a lecture from Aunt Mary.

Even the girls were good about getting their sun block. Jillian would come up to me and say “Momma protect my freckles”.

Sure our cheeks would get a little red after all day in the sun, but it never truly burned. I have to say that my whole family came away from the cruise pretty safe. Except the one thing I missed……


When we got on the boat to go snorkeling I was all ready. I was lathered up in SPF and I had made my own shade with my hat.


Having never been snorkeling before I didn’t know what to expect. I wasn’t prepared to have to jump ship to swim with the fishes.

I prepared for everything, except snorkeling with a wedgie! While I was swimming through the water enjoying the coral reef, the sun beamed down on the palest part of my body, (that should have been covered) and spanked me.




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