Day 2: Songs

I love music. I love how it makes me feel and the memories those notes bring. Two songs….let’s see. Wow ok gonna change the rules on this one…I’m going to pick two artists. Two artists whose songs I love. I can sing almost all of them. One of these artists I have even seen in concert twice!

1. Celine Dion. I know most people hate her…but her songs are magical. Her concerts are amazing and feel very personal. On rainy days when I’m alone I will belt out her music and sing and dance along.



2. Hold on to your socks on this one because it’s kinda a dirty little secret of mine. Hubster is the only one that knows I enjoy this music. Eminem. When I have a long car trip by myself his songs are on repeat. Yes I know he cusses and they can be vulgar…but they have such meaning behind them. He sings what he feels and doesn’t care. I wish I could not care. I wish I could just make it all about me. In some ways I wish I could be more like him. Don’t worry I don’t play the songs around the kids, I don’t even like my husband seeing me enjoy his music.


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