Day 3: Films

Three films, I love movies so how am I going to pick only 3? I love romantic comedies, and fantasy, I even enjoy all the new marvel movies that are coming out now.

#1 I have to say that my favorite Disney movie has to be Aladdin. I love that movie! I recently heard they were making it into a broadway show and I can’t wait to see it.

#2. Ok I’m gonna cheat here and put a movie that I don’t think too many people know exists. It’s one of my favorites and I can’t seem to find it, so if you know where to find it let me know. It’s Ducktales Treasure of the Lost Lamp. I watched that VHS hundreds of time. I want to be able to show it to my kids.

#3. Hands down The Sound of Music will always be my favorite. The memories I have made watching that movie in my lifetime, I can’t wait to share it with my kids.





Updated: In searching for that picture of the Ducktales movie I found that it’s available on iTunes!!!  🙂  So excited!

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