Day 4:Books

So I’m supposed to pick 4 books to share with you guys. 4 books that are my favorite…that mean a lot to me. Here goes!

#1. My top book series ever would have to be The Alchemist by Michael Scott. This was one of those books that I truly mourned when it was over. I felt for the characters. I was engulfed in there world and didn’t want to leave.

#2 I have to add here the Percy Jackson series, or really anything written by Rick Riordan. I have read all of the Kane Chronicles, all of the Lightening Thief Series, and am counting down the days until the last book of the Lost Hero series is released.

#3. Currently I’m reading The Land of Stories by Chris Colfer (yes Kurt Hummel from Glee). I picked it up after looking at it about 4 times and turning away. My teaching partner said it was good so I figured I would finally give it a try. The first book was good, but I wasn’t sold. Honestly there were parts of his writing style that bugged me. Each chapter seemed to end tied up in a nice bow..there wasn’t that element that kept me turning the pages. I bought the second one because I wasn’t ready to give up and I’m so glad I did! Mr. Colfer has figured out his writing style and has grown from book to book. I can’t stop reading the second one. Now it’s a kids book for sure, but it brings Fairy Tales to life like never before!

The map alone lets you know it’s going to be a good book. *from google images

#4. It wouldn’t be a book list without giving credit to my husband who awoken my love of reading in my. He handed me this series and after getting through what I thought were the worst 100 pages ever I was hooked! The Sword of Truth by Terry Goodkind will always have a special place for me. It was an amazing series that maybe went on a few too many books but I still enjoyed them. I still sometimes find myself missing the stories of Richard and Kahlan, and wondering how Kara and Benjamin are doing. The books was like my gateway drug into the fantasy world.


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