Day 5: Food

1. I love Mexican food! Ok wait let me clear this up…not Mexican food like that food found in Mexico, or Mexican food like that’s found north of Texas. I love Tex-Mex. I think all restaurants should have free chips and salsa. Sadly not everyone in my family loves it…but when mommy gets to pick where we eat they always know where we are going to eat!!

2. I love my grandma’s chicken noodle soup. There is something special about it, those homemade noodles, free range chickens. I’m so happy that my mom has carried on this tradition.

3. My favorite cookies are white chocolate…but when given the option I would rather have brownies. Warm brownies and cold milk are a wonderful pair.

4. I love a good pizza with everything on it. Supreme is my favorite. I also love those crappy pizza rolls…but I have written about that before.

5. I also enjoy chocolate. Not chocolate cake…not chocolate ice cream (only ice cream with chocolate in it), but just plain chocolate. I like it cold not warm. If you are looking for my chocolate stash it can be found in the freezer!


P.S. sorry that post was so boring. I had a long weekend at the beach and I’m sunburnt. I promise better posts to come!

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