Day 6: Places

#1. Through the magic of some fireside talks with my grandpa and reliving those with my mom, the hubster and I have found a second home in the Ozark Mountains. It’s where we retreat to every couple of years. Our whole family loves going up there and enjoying the mountains.

Enjoying 4th of July last summer!
Enjoying 4th of July last summer!

2. Hallettsville, TX

I didn’t move to Hallettsville until I was in 7th grade, but I had been going there for as long as I remember. To me it’s the place where I grew up. It’s where I graduated high school, it’s where I made life long friends, where I was married and where all my children were baptized.

3. Livingston, Tx

If you would have asked me where I was going to raise my family, Livingston would have been last on my list. We have thrived here for the last 6 years. We have made friends and found a home in the community. We are ready to move, and experience new things. I feel Livingston was great for our family and give us the start we needed and couldn’t have gotten any where else, but I also think to grow more we need to move on. So we are hunting for a new place to call home. However, we wouldn’t be the family we were without this little East Texas town. (I feel like I might have said that before, so I’m sorry if I have).

4. The Texas Ren Fest! There are too many memories to count with this place. It’s where I grew up and it’s where my kids are enjoying too.




5. For my last place I have to pick work. I enjoy what I do so much! The people I get to work with are just an added bonus. Yes there are things to teaching that are not fun, but the kids smiles and excitement towards science just makes it all go away.

6. Texas!! There is something special about being from Texas that only those from here understand. I can’t be explained. There is a sense of pride, in all things Texas.

Blue Bonnets
Blue Bonnets


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