Day 8: Fears

Sorry I’m little behind….catching up now! 🙂


So fears…I think I have the pretty normal fears that most people have, you know dying alone, loosing a loved one, so let’s see if I can dig deep in my soul and see if I have 8.

1. Snakes- This one has gotten a lot better since I have been teaching. Our science lab has a pet snake so I try and be strong for the students and in doing that I have started to overcome my fears. I still don’t want to meet one in the wild, but a nice little corn snake never hurt anyone.


2. In the beginning of the blog I posted about how I’m afraid of mascots. It’s true. You can’t see their faces, I don’t know who’s in there. I did however recently watch that show on Hulu Behind the Mask and I have a better appreciation for those people that sweat in those big costumes every day. I’m glad my kids are still scared of them…so when they cray I just carry them away.

3. I’m always afraid of letting everyone down. I know there is no way to keep from doing it but I let that fear control me way too much.

This challenge is hard!!

4. Every time we leave the house for a long period of time I’m afraid of coming home and finding the house gone. Either because it went up in smoke, or because it was robbed. We have insurance and I know it will all be fine and I know that at least the kids are safe, but I mourn for the house on the start of any big trip.

5. OK this one it’s one of those fears that keeps me up at night but it is one of those fears that when I’m put in the situation it gets to me. I have a fear of falling. Now that’s not of heights. I don’t mind going up to high places and looking down…but then it gets me. The fear of falling.

6. The fear of missing out on things or FOMO as the internet calls it. When there are lots of cars parked at school and I’m not there I think they are having meetings about me without me. After looking it up apparently it’s a form of social anxiety. I guess that comes from my need to please everyone around me.

7. I have a fear of letting my kids down. Of runing their future by how I’m raising them. What if they heard me say that motherhood is hard and then decide to never be parents. What if that spanking I did was bad and then they grow into a crazy person? I know that these fears are not correct and it’s just useless worry on my part. There is no manual to raise kids, and there is no way to raise perfect kids and you can’t control they have the life you want for them when they grow up. Every parent is just out there doing the best they know how.

8. Ok one final fear. This one was tough. I’m mean I’m afraid of things, but they seem like worries to me. Is that the same thing? I guess my final fear is that I”ll look back and I will have wasted it all. That I didn’t live my life to the fullest. That I didn’t use all the talents and gifts that God gave to the fullest. That I didn’t appreciate everything that I was given.


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