Sunday Shorts

Well it’s Saturday evening and time to update you guys on everything that has been going on.

1. It seems Hubster didn’t get the job he interviewed for. I feel that is best. Bigger and brighter things are planned for my little family and not getting that job has allowed different things to happen. So we keep looking and know that God will lead us in the right direction.

2. With it being the end of the school year that means yearbooks are being handed out. I’m glad I got Danielle one because she’s on both the Kindergarten page and the First grade page. What a wild year it has been for my little sunshine.

3. We walked to Jillian’s school to pick her up one afternoon and had some help making sure she made it home safe.

Sassy cat looking after her human
Sassy cat looking after her human

4. So I have been asked to teach the science class of VBS at our church. My kids are already going to be there….so of course I said yes! I’m actually going to be teaching it with Veronica so it should be fun.

5. Thanks to many meetings, and hard work from some great ladies our community will soon be home to an American Heritage Girls troop! I was able to get in on the ground floor with this one and look forward to what it will mean for my own daughters.

6. Another thing I have been working on has been to bring the Daniel Plan bible study to my church. I got it in the mail this past week and have given them a start date for teaching it. The hubster and I are going to be teaching it together.

So as you can tell that empty calm summer is booked!! 🙂

7. Being the band nerds that we are the hubster and I always play a game, “What band instrument did they play” We like to people watch and see if we can guess. Most of the time we are right. We feel people and instruments take on the same personalities. So when I saw one of those silly buzzfeed quizzes pop up on facebook I had to look at it.

This is me:

You are both intense and delicate, by turns chipper and and melancholy. You likely also took figure skating lessons. While most people moved on from your generation’s most popular boy band after their second album, you bought tickets to each of their reunion tours. You were voted most likely to fly away on the wings of a million doves and angels. People like talking to you because you’re good at making everyday occurrences sound VERY. DRAMATIC.

The only thing that I think is wrong is the Figure skating lessons. Though it is my favorite sport to watch in the winter olympics.

Hubster is a little harder because the Euphonium is not an option…but you learn that the rules are different with brass instruments.

This is hubster:

As the sensitive middle child of a large family (or, perhaps, the only child in a small one), you sought attention in the form of carrying something enormous around on a daily basis. Band was not your first choice of extracurricular, but your parents informed you that colleges would not recognize the Magic: The Gathering club you held in your basement with your two friends. You are a kind and deeply loyal friend.

8. The girls each got a Sonic gift card for being flower girls in the wedding. Jillian got to use hers the other day and get a slushie during happy hour because she had 3 very successful “big girl” days during daycare. She just might be potty trained before summer starts!!

photo (42)

Well we are getting really really close to the end of the school year. I’m really excited for this summer because so many new things are happening. Enjoy your week interwebz!


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