An Open Letter to the Hubster

Here’s hoping I don’t get in too much trouble for this one

Dear Rex,

I hope we didn’t wake you up this morning. I tried to keep the girls quiet, but getting 4 girls ready for school is not an easy thing.

I want you to know that I am extremely proud of you for the step you are taking for our future today. We decided awhile ago that while Livingston has been wonderful for us and our family we need to move on. We can’t grow as a couple, a family, or in our careers any more in this little town in East Texas. So together with God making the plans for us, we started taking steps, baby steps, to a bigger and brighter future.

Today you will take our first big step. No we don’t need this job, we are fortunate enough to both be employed, but this is a step up. It’s a step to a different future, a future we can’t get where we are. Thank you! For always thinking of your girls first. For leading the way in this new adventure. For going out of your comfort zone to see what is out there. Thank you for being the King in our little kingdom that we always need you to be.

I know you will rock the interview today, and I know you will impress them. If you get the job we will celebrate! Yes it will cause a lot of changes in our life that we will have to adjust to, but those changes will benefit our family in ways we can’t even imagine yet because God has a bigger plan for us.

If you don’t get the job we will celebrate too! We’ll celebrate different things, and we’ll keep looking. We’ll keep searching and praying knowing that the best thing for our family will be the best thing. I know that I can’t tell you not to worry or be nervous but know that your kingdom will be happy with whatever happens. Know that your family will thrive no matter what God’s decision is.

You have already made me very proud and I love you with all my heart. I couldn’t ask for a better partner on this adventure called life. All your girls will be praying for you at 1:30 today!

Breakfast picnic before school!
Breakfast picnic before school!


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