Easter Sunday Shorts

It has been a great weekend…sure I had to work on Good Friday, but it’s not everyday Texas has a snow day. So here are our Easter Sunday Shorts.

1. Veronica found and tried a new recipe on pinterest.. it was so yummy!!

bite size smores
bite size smores

2.Since little sister’s school was closed on Good Friday she got to visit big sisters’ school and mommy’s kids in the cafeteria. 🙂


Then all the girls got to go to the park while mom and dad were working.

even Olaf got to play at the park.
even Olaf got to play at the park.

3. Saturday the Church had a an egg hunt and little play. It was fun and the girls had a blast!

making cupcakes
making cupcakes
she loved hunting eggs!
she loved hunting eggs!

4. I walked into the living room listening to daddy talk to Jilly…turns out he was teaching her how to put a computer together.


5. After coming home from the church and doing some cleaning I relaxed and watch Titanic. Brings back so many memories! I saw it 6 times in the theater! Some movies just never get old.

6. If you get this blog by e-mail, you might want to go check out the real blog.. I updated it for spring. Veronica drew the picture at the top. 🙂

7. I love blankets fresh from the dryer!

I hope that you and your family have a great Easter!


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