Sunday Shorts

Spring is here so the Blue bonnets are starting to bloom!!

1. I got to sneak away and see Divergent last night. I enjoyed the movie a lot, even though I read the book. They did a pretty good job keeping up. It was funny to hear the reactions of those people that hadn’t read the book.

2. This week starts a month long State testing extravaganza at school. UUgh!

3. Jillian likes to play at the sound board with daddy!

DJ Jilly!
DJ Jilly!

4. As you guys saw from a recent Wordless Wednesday, we have decided to crate train the dogs. It was actually easier then I thought and the dogs totally love being around us more.

5. With Elder Scrolls starting soon the hubster and I have been watching lots of t.v. (I know I won’t be able to watch it once the game starts) and I have been loving it.

6. Veronica’s Sunday Short for everyone is ” this is the worst week ever!!” She got to stay up a little late and finish a movie she started.

7. And in awesome sermons, something to take with you through the week 🙂


8. Danielle was having a mental health day last week. Her tummy still wasn’t 100% and she just needed to slow down for a bit. I sure didn’t mind giving her that!


I know it’s not Sunday, but I started this yesterday and I’m filling kinda rebellious so I’m not changing the title!!


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