Happy Spring Break interwebz!!

Well here we are Spring Break 2014 a much needed break in the land of 5th grade! We have a pretty calm plan, the first half of the week we clean and take care of business, the second half we go off and find adventures.

Our local movie theater is playing Mr. Peabody and Sherman so I took my movie buddies and we saw a movie. When we were leaving for the movie I asked Danielle if she wanted to go see “Mr. Peabody and Sherman” and she said “are we seeing Finding Nemo?”. That’s magical right there interwebz! Magical and funny!!

We love the movies!!
We love the movies!!

Today we went to the big city for a doctor’s visit, wedding shopping, and a few other things while in the big city. We got to have lunch at one of our favorite places.

Making new friends at the pet store!
Making new friends at the pet store!

It’s been a nice start to a week off, so I can’t really complain. Friday we will travel back in time to the land of Robin Hood and Maid Marian. Tons of pictures coming up this weekend!!


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