Snow Day Shorts

Yep interwebz, us Texans are enjoying our 3rd snow day this year! You won’t hear me complain about these cold days because soon enough it will be so hot you could fry an egg on the sidewalk.

1. Ok I know Im late on this Big Bang Theory train…but this episode where Sheldon wants to get to the movie early to get a sit is sooooo me!!! I share his fear! I relax so much better when I’m already there and know that I’m safe.

2. I’ve been watch Game of Thrones season 3. OMG! I ❤ it!!

3. So we own Frozen now, even the baby is going around the house singing “Let it Go!”.

4. So it’s a new month and that means a new dinner conversation. We voted as a family and this month we are going with “pride” Today I’m proud of…..for….” “Today I’m proud of myself for…..” It’s learning to be proud of yourself and to show that for others. We encouraged the girls to be proud of themselves for something, and that it wasn’t selfish. Day one was pretty awesome.

5. Being a girl scout mom sure does keep me busy. I told hubster tonight that the older our kids get the busier I get. Something tell s me this is just the beginning.


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