Sunday Shorts

1. This makes me sad. Though I have to say, living till 99 is a pretty awesome life!

2. Well in just a couple of days my little Danielle will turn 6!

My birthday princess!
My birthday princess!

3. We saw Frozen…again. Loved it even more! This time my mom and Veronica saw it, now they finally get all the jokes! Every time Olaf would go off the screen Jillian would say “Where my Olaf?” As soon as he came back she’s say “There he is!” It’s so cute. After the movie we talked about what it meant and connections we found in it the whole drive home! It has such amazing meaning behind it! I can’t wait to pick this movie up on Tuesday!

4. This picture is from our Birthday weekend that happened this past Saturday. I can’t wait to tell you guys all about it, but it will have to be in it’s own post!


5. So I’ve got a funny teacher story for you guys. One of my boy students asked me if I believed in God while we were lining up to go to lunch. I told him that was a pretty personal question. Then I heard the whispering from the students around him. They said “See I told you scientists don’t believe!”. Well I went back to getting the kids quiet and then I turned to him and said “Yes, I do go to church”. Then as he kept walking he said “See I told you she did!”. It was funny to me for lots of reasons. First I loved that they considered me a scientists! That’s just awesome. Second that made that connections and third this boy was sticking up for me. 🙂

6. Jillian got a new bed today. She’s been sleeping on a twin bed, but it’s been on the floor. So now she’s in an official big girl bed!

One time she was really excited to take a nap!
One time she was really excited to take a nap!

7. If you do any searching on “let it go” you will see MANY remakes of the song from Frozen. It seems now my children want to make one!

Have an awesome week interwebz! 🙂


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