Sunday Shorts, Monday mini’s, Tiny Tuesdays…whatever I’ve got lots of random thoughts and here they all are!!

1. Wow that’s a long title!

2. Another snow delay here at school…umm what is going on?

3. My plan for the cold weather! I told hubster “You know I will be done with this in 2 days?”

My hubby loves me!
My hubby loves me!

4. Danielle had her first Girl Scouts meeting. What in the world did I sign up for?? She is selling cookies, working cookie booths and will be going camping IN A TENT to San Antonio before this school year is over!! Yes I know it will be great for her but this mom taxi just got so much busier.


This makes me laugh!
This makes me laugh!

6. Saturday my mom and I took the two little girls to a jump house. It was interesting (we have never been to one before). The girls loved it and danced and jumped and ran and laughed all around that place! Then we had to stop and relax for a frosty at Wendy’s. It was a great time and the girls want to make sure we go back there!

She tried to hug the inflatable dog!
She tried to hug the inflatable dog!
Sister smiles
Sister smiles

7. I had a wonderful trip to Austin last week. I learned things, have no technology to use in my classroom and got to see some great friends from high school. Oh and I ate the BEST! BURGERS! EVER!! If you ever go to Austin, Tx you must eat here! Ever since I left there I have been trying to find a way to get the family to Austin to try it out. You will thank me later!


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