Cold Sunday Shorts

Well it’s still cold here in Texas. Yes we have had a teasing day of 70 degrees sprinkled in here and there…but you gotta make sure you have your jacket handy.

1. On Tuesday I leave for Tech convention! I”m so ready! I almost had the whole week off when I got a jury summons for monday, but I called and told them about my pre-paid business trip already together and they said I was excused.

2. One of my besties came up and saw me on saturday. She had just bought her first Mac laptop and since we are Mac people she wanted a lesson. Any excuse to get to see my friend.

3. I started teaching astronomy at school…it’s my favorite!

4. Well a new month means a new dinner conversation theme. This month is love and our conversations are: “Today I love you because________”. Each person has a slip of paper we put in a cup and we take turns pulling a random name out of the cup. Then we look at that person and tell them why we love them today. It can be anything from you let me sleep late to you hugged me when you woke me up. When it’s Jillian’s turn she just has to tell the person she picked that she loves them and hug them. We even made blank ones for when we have guests at our table.

photo (36)

Well I have had a long day of church and school work, so have a great week interwebz! I”ll try and check-in from Austin here and there. 🙂


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