Math Homework

We had another snow day this week but like a responsible parent (that I am every once in awhile) I made the kids do their homework while we waited for the white fluffy stuff. Danielle had math homework but looking at the first problem she knew she couldn’t just use her fingers.

She knew she had 10 fingers but where would she get 8? So she asked for “counters”. We suggested crayons, but she said we didn’t have any (we do). We suggested anything but she looked around and had a light bulb moment!

She used her paints! She lined them up around her homework and started counting. She tapped them with the paintbrush, and used other paint brushes to mark where she had been. She counted each one twice to make sure she was right. She was learning as she was doing homework. It was one of those moments that a parent and a teacher dream of!



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