A Latchkey kid

If I remember correctly I was in 5th or 6th grade, when I enjoyed being a latch key kid. I would get off the bus and walk through a school playground to the apartment my mom and I lived in on Ravensway. I remember coming in the door and calling my mom to let her know I was home then the time was mine. I would sit in the white chair and watch my t.v. shows, first gummy bears, then ducktales and later tales spin. The house was always clean and I could just relax.

I remember I would play like it was my house and pretend to talk to my hubster and kids. I enjoyed that hour and 1/2 before my mom came home. Sometimes I would get scared, but that would only be when my mom wasn’t home at the time of day she was supposed to be. I wouldn’t worry about my safety I would worry that she wasn’t going to make it home.

Well now that Veronica is older she has been asking to stay home alone. There is one chance every week for Veronica to have an hour and 1/2 at home alone. We have rules she must follow, like keep her phone by her and make sure the alarm is set. She always has one cleaning chore that she happily does just for those few minutes of quiet to herself.

One evening between UiL practice, school meetings and making it to church one time we kinda ate dinner in shifts and it ended up to where Veronica was going to be eating dinner at home by herself. I wasn’t too happy about it, but she was so excited. It was at that point that I realized that like me when I was her age she probably needed that time. That time to just be herself with herself. I’m no where near ready to give her more then that hour and 1/2 once a week, but I’m starting to see the importance of that alone time.

They grow up so fast!  My beautiful little lady
They grow up so fast! My beautiful little lady


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