Meaningful Monday

I’ve mentioned before about how my family sits down at the table at every meal and we talk. Sure it’s loud sometimes but on those days when everyone is very jittery the hubster will turn on relaxing music and we’ll all for quiet for a bit to regroup and then we are ready to talk about our days.

I reference these conversations a lot in my classroom because well with Dinner comes science! I have some kids tell me we are weird, some say they do the same things. One raised his hand this year and said “Do you really do that or are you just saying that to make the lesson make sense?” I laughed and told him we really do it. He was shocked!

When those little facebook things come up instead of doing them as updates for friends, extended family and random people to see; the hubster and I do it at the table with our kids.

This past november it was great to hear the girls give thanks about friends, family, sisters, fun lessons, games. Jillian was thankful for Jesus’ house every night so it sort of became a running joke.

Well we started up something new this month.

At our church the sermon was on seeing God in everything. So at dinner the question was asked “Where did you see God today?” Being the first night of asking this question it was a tough one, and the kids asked to go last to help them think.

So our dinner conversation was about being helpful in a situation where you were normally board, getting encouragement from a friend when stepping out of your comfort zone, not giving up on something that was really hard even though you wanted to, and love. Those are some deep talks for kids.

It made them think that God is found everywhere if you just open your eyes.

I like our dinner table talks. Sometimes it’s even what gets me through the day, knowing that at the end of it I can exhale and laugh with my family.

No I won’t be sharing every day what we talk about, I just wanted to share something magical that happened today.

Bedtime prayers with baby doll.
Bedtime prayers with baby doll.

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