Skylanders- A tale of the best Christmas Present ever!

For years the hubster and I have walked up and down the electronic isles of stores looking at the big green section with the “portal of Power” wondering if we should take the plunge. I knew that my students liked it because I had to take up many of their toys throughout the years, but I just wasn’t sure if it was right for my family. So we waited.

Then a blogger I read from wrote this story and I shared it with the hubster. It started to get us thinking. Of course my main concern was it seemed like such a boy game and well I have girls. I know that’s backwards thinking but sometimes it can’t be helped when living in a house covered in pink!

About a month later that same blogger wrote another story and I was hooked! I was going to get this game for my family.

So when my mom was looking at the black friday ads and wondering what to get Danielle I suggested it on a whim and she bought it! The Skylanders Swap Force for the WiiU

photo from google images

Now let’s be honest Danielle didn’t really know what to make of it, so we pulled it all out and set it up. She played and played and played!

After Christmas the girls traditionally spend a night with their Granny and Pawpaw, so that night the hubster and I played it! Oh-Emm-Gee interwebz! We love it too! Being gamers and not having a game to play for a long time has been awful, but this was so much fun!

The next day when the girls got home everyone was into it. Jilly had the job of switching out the skylanders and our game play advanced (I’m not really gonna go into how to play the game, but basically the more skylanders you have the better). Danielle could play with her Daddy or with me, and we could customize the type of player experience we had. It’s a win win in my book!

It is a wonderful game that has a good background story (that’s important to me). The colors are just beautiful and so bright. The characters are funny and friendly (at least so far). There’s an easy setting for a 5 year old and a hard setting for the 31 year old kid in my house. If I have to say something bad about this game it would be that there can only be 2 players. I could see my family playing with a group of 4.

We have all developed our favorite characters.

Who doesn’t love a red-headed bad ass with swords who pops out of a genie bottle? šŸ™‚
Or a hyped up ADHD Chinese dragon that can turn into a parade float. šŸ™‚

So I’m so happy that Skylanders have become part of our family. I had to even put a cap on buying more until Danielle’s birthday so we can make sure that the excitement is going to survive. I guess my advise to you is if you are like me and living under a rock when it comes to skylanders, walk on out and enjoy the sunshine with the rest of us! It’s amazing!

** Babies Rabies has no idea I exist, she lives in Texas so I feel like we are family. I read her blog and she has cool stuff. She wrote the two stories, so I linked them back to her blog. šŸ™‚


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