I know you have been waiting for this one!! :)

Well here it is,the end of year slide show! Yes it’s a day late and you are already over the “this year was awesome, next year will be better” posts you have seen all over the internet, but I didn’t do any of that because I have been waiting to show you guys this!

If I have learned anything in 2013 it’s that 3 kids raised with the same parents in the same house can be totally different. Veronica is figuring out exactly who she is and she’s serious about it. Danielle just wants to love, love everything and everyone. Jillian well she’s two and she’s the most stubborn and courageous of the 3!

There are no wild adventures, long trips or big changes planned for 2014 (I know I just jinxed myself here) so we plan to focus on us. We plan to put our Dave Ramsey knowledge to work (since we made it through the holidays). We plan to put into motion some changes that will benefit us for years to come. I guess if I had to give this year a name I would say that 2014 is the Year of the Family.

So enjoy this slide show of 2013, as we get ready to venture home and start our 2014!

** Apparently iTunes and WordPress got together and now I don’t have to upload the video to youtube…if it doesn’t work I will upload it, but let’s try it this way first. 🙂


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