The Sound of Music

Disclaimer #1- I know I am a week late on this but it’s important to me so you guys get to hear it.

Disclaimer #2-I know it is supposed to be based off the Broadway play and not the movie but the story is still the same.

I remember watching The Sound of Music at an early age, I’m talking like 4 or 5, and I was hooked! I watched it and watched it and watched it! I dreamt of meeting Julie Andrews (that dream came true). I dreamt of running on the side of the hill in a dress made from curtains. I dreamt of jumping up and down those steps. There was even a time I dreamt of hiding behind those tombstones. I walked down the aisle to marry the hubster to the same exact song that Maria Von Trapp walked down to marry the Captain.

I have all of Carrie Underwoods cd’s and think she is amazing.

Now all that being said, I am watching the show for the first time (not having t.v. and all) and my first thought is I’m glad they are doing this and exposing a new generation to the songs and the story.

Here are my thoughts:

1. That’s not when that song is supposed to be sung!
2. Kinda hard to take him seriously after watching Tru Blood.
3. I like that we are getting a little more info about the captain and his staff
4. That’s not how she enters the house!! She’s supposed to be running and singing.
5.Umm….you are supposed to be teaching them how to sing on the side of a mountain
6. If they had to remake it, they did pick a good person to play Maria-Carrie Underwood has the same range as Dame Julie Andrews.
7.They should be dancing in a gazebo!!!
8. Ok I’m gonna get mad now! The puppet show was one of my favorite parts!!!
9. What song is this? She never sang in the movie.
10. Ok those curtains make cuter clothes then the ones in the movie.
11. They guy they have playing Max kinda creeps me out.
12. She’s singing again!?!
13. I’m sorry for this one but Gretel isn’t that cute.

I made it all the way to the wedding scene…..I”m done! Do you have any idea how many times I dreamt of walking down that exact aisle?

Dear hubster- thank you for never taking me to see it on the stage when it came to Houston. I like to keep the story pure like I know and love it.

Nothing wrong with NBC or Carrie Underwood, I’m just too much of a fan of the original to truly enjoy this. It’s too close to my heart and holds too many memories for me. I do have to say that Danielle has started going around the house singing the songs so I can’t complain too much.


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