Time to Celebrate!!!!

OK I have a perfectly legitimate reason as to why there have been no “photo a day” posts for the last couple of days….I was wanting this to be the most epic post ever! Interwebz you are reading post #1,000!!!

photo credit: google images

We have reached a milestone here folks! That and we have 101 followers. 🙂 I know it’s nothing compared to tons of other blogs…but that means one of two things either there are 101 really bored people out there in the world or I have a really big family. 🙂

I find myself getting excited when I get more then 15 views in a day and I’m sad on days when I get 5 and there is no post. I feel sad for those 5 people…they ventured to my little spot on the world wide web and there is no new post for them.

I never plan to make money doing this blogging thing, the grammar police would arrest me, but I find that it has become a great scrapbook of my life and for that I am grateful.

I feel like I should do something awesome here…but really it’s cold outside so I just want to curl up in bed, read my book and hope my phone rings to tell me we get a “bad weather” day tomorrow!!

Have a great day interwebz! I hope you stay warm if you are in the path of this storm! Tomorrow I’ll catch up with all photos and then hopefully I’ll stay on track!

Thanks for reading about my little life here!

picture credit: google imates
Thank you! 🙂


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