Sunday Shorts- Beginning of December Edition!

This week has been magical! We stayed home, rearranged some rooms in the house, spent time with my mom and just enjoyed relaxing. Here are your sunday shorts for the first day of December!!

1. I might complain about working for a public school and not getting Labor Day off…but having a full week off at Thanksgiving is totally awesome!

2. On Tuesday it was cold and Wet enough that we ended up with Texas snow! For those of you that don’t know that’s snow that turns to mud as soon as it’s hit the ground and when you are playing in it you can’t always tell if it’s snow or rain. Of course my girls had to run out into it…but when they came back into the house to get warm they turned into The Pink Ninjas!!

Watch out!
Watch out!

3. On Wednesday we started a new tradition. We made tortilla soup and homemade Empanadas! I ❤ Empanadas from the Ren Fest andI have always wanted to try it on my own. We made some meat ones and some banana ones, they weren’t the ren fest ones…but they were yummy and we know how to improve them!


4. Then on Thanksgiving day we did a little house cleaning (yes I got yelled for having the family do it) and we enjoyed out time together! Veronica made a pumpkin pie and a berry pie, I made resses peanut butter cup cakes and we had my grandma’s homemade Chicken noodle soup!

my little chefs rolling out the dough
my little chefs rolling out the dough

5. While the hubster and I braved Wal-mart on thursday evening (don’t judge me 🙂 )my mom and the girls planned a party! Well a party to the kids, it was really my mom spending the night and sleeping in their room.

I swear to you as soon as this picture was taken she fell off the bed. No more monkey's jumping on the bed!
I swear to you as soon as this picture was taken she fell off the bed. No more monkey’s jumping on the bed!

6. Speaking of Wal-mart on Thanksgiving….umm kinda fun but scary for a little bit too! We got everything we wanted. It made for a fun adventure with the hubster. 🙂

7. I’m gonna go ahead and say it… The Elf on the Shelf creeps me out! I don’t like it.

8. I will however do the photo a day challenge again!! They are phone and I’m always taking pictures and I take even more around the holidays…soooooo why not? 🙂


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