Judgey Mcjudgerson!

That’s me!

You know how it is, when you don’t have kids you know the best way to raise kids, but once you have been a parent for awhile you realize that you don’t have it all figured out. Just when you get one phase of childhood figured out your kid grows and hits another stage. I’ve done the toddler thing 3 times…I’m a pro at toddlers, pre-teens? Now pre-teens are gonna be the death of me!

So let’s back up about 9 years to 25 year old me. 25 year old me had a newborn and judged parents for taking kids to movies that (in my opinion) they didn’t need to go to. I mean why take a 4 year old to see Batman? Did you honestly think it was a good idea to take a 3 year old girl to see Twilight? Things like that drove me CRAZY. I mean if you can’t get a babysitter don’t go to the movies!! Well then I had Veronica. This smart girl who is an adult living in a child’s body.

I honestly struggle every day with parenting Veronica. She’s wants nothing more then to be an adult and talk about adult things, but she’s 9. She has adult thoughts and conversations and understandings, but she’s 9. Her therapist says she’s an adult, and actually yelled at me for it! I can’t help that she has a 145 IQ and thinks things that no normal 9 year old should! I can’t help that she lives on such a deep level that she can’t relate to her peers. I can’t help that all she wants to do it grow up. I try my best teaching her that being a kid is fun but that she’s not crazy and if she wants to think that we are all living on a game board with God moving the pieces around to control us (that came out of her 3 year old mind)

So I try and balance what she wants and what she needs every day. She loves fantasy. She loves the show Merlin. She lives for amazing stories! She’s even a member of a high school gamers club. I’m not 100% sure how I feel about that, but I know it means more to her than anything else she is involved in.

Soooo awhile back after going back and forth I sat down with her and we watched the first Hunger Games. This is where I have to say that I am educated on the topic of the Hunger Games. I’ve read all the books and had seen the movie 3 times before I let my daughter watch the movie. It took us 2 days to watch that movie! We paused it and talked about things that were happening. She had questions, I had answers, and we talked about feelings and the characters problems…I mean we studied this movie.

She loved it! She loved it so much she would watch it anytime she could! So when Catching Fire came out she wanted to see it opening weekend. 25 year old me said “watch it first” “wait to show her”…but 34 year old me said “ok”. I went back and forth at first. I had my speech prepared if some mom came up to me and told me that my daughter was too young to see it. I knew the parts that were scary in the book and I knew how the story ended at book 2. I was ready. So we saw it on Saturday. There was no way to pause the movie and answer questions, so I just held onto her. I rubbed her arms at the scary parts and held her close when we could feel the fear of the characters. I patted her leg and snuggled her at the sad parts. As the beginning of the movie I told her “no nightmares” and she said “It’s like you don’t even know me”. She loved the movie and talked all about it the whole way home. She talked about the turmoil the characters face. She talked about the battles and the good versus evil. My 9 year old got it! She understood the movie.

So to all you parents that I gave the stink eye to in the past, I’m sorry. Now I don’t think I would ever take 9 year Danielle to see Catching Fire, but 9 year old Veronica is different. If I have learned one thing about parenting it’s that every child have different needs, even children that grow up in the same house with the same parents.


P.S. the movie totally rocked and was awesome and I think we are going to go see it again tomorrow before we head over to her Therapy appointment!! 🙂

P.P.S. My mind was going a lot of different places during this post…I hope it makes sense.

P.P.P.S. Did you know they are making the Mocking Jay into 2 films?? So exciting!

2 thoughts on “Judgey Mcjudgerson!

  1. Veronica is very special, and I can’t wait to see the ways she sees our world, as well as the ways she molds it around her.

    Now if I can just find a book to get her into reading….. 🙂

  2. You will never find her a book. She’s going to have to find it for herself. Not that you can’t guide her, but anything you hand her will “smell” of “Daddy.” She’s got to find one that “smells” of Veronica.

    Yeah, I know… me and my weird way of putting things.

    I’m glad we got to hang out on Saturday, Sarah! Next time, I *will* bring a jacket!

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