Sunday Shorts

Well hubster is working this weekend and Jilly has a viral infection in her chest so the girls and I have stayed around the house.

1. This past week has been one of the longest weeks in the history of weeks!! I’m glad we only have 5 days until Thanksgiving vacation.

2. I watched The Croods with my girls…very cute little movie.

3. Veronica has been having some set backs with her recovery. There have been panic attacks at school and crying to all hours of the night. Friday she had convinced herself that she was going to flunk out of 4th grade. She made a 69 on a spelling test (yes her grades have been falling) so we have been trying to prepare her that if this keeps happening she will be getting her first B. Not a big deal, we totally support her, but she hasn’t made it yet but we know she well. WE are just trying to prepare her for it. Well now she thinks she’s going to fail. So we made her an appointment with her therapist. I’m starting to wish there was a way to homeschool her.

4. Danielle will have a big announcement on Monday! But I’m going to make you wait until then.

5. Jilly woke up Thursday with 80 year old smokers cough, so she went straight to the doctor! She has the start of RSV and an ear infection. So she ended up with a 4 day weekend and lots of mommy snuggles. You wouldn’t know she was sick to watch her play around, but you can hear the rattling in her chest.

6. This sunday at church Danielle sang with the choir and Veronica played the handbells. It was a proud momma moment with both of my girls up their on the stage worshiping.

This morning on our way out the doors things were hectic as normal. Danielle couldn’t find her shoes (brand new ones), Jilly was running around the house trying to get someone to put on her shoes, hubster’s trying to get everyone out the door and I’m trying to find my happy place so I can put my contacts in…well we made it out and on time all while I was saying to myself “I just need to make it to Thanksgiving, I just need to make it to Thanksgiving”. A whole week off to take care of my house and my family. A week to relax and get ready for an exciting and busy holiday season. Well fast forward to the end of church where the hubster and I are sitting outside on the benches having our own bible study while the children are in sunday school, we both look down at the same time and notice that through the madness of this morning neither one of us noticed that hubster went through church with 2 different flip flops on! In that moment where we were both laughing I was reminded not to take life too seriously and to enjoy the time I’ve got. There will come a day when Jillian will be able to put on her own shoes and when Danielle won’t be hunting shoes in my house because she will be in a house all her own. These mornings, while crazy, will be gone before I know it. I thank God for those reminders even if this one was at the expense of the hubster.

*There are no pictures of the crazy flip flops because hubster wouldn’t let me take any.


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