Sunday Shorts- Probably the most boring set of sunday shorts yet!

Well it might be a late but technically it’s still sunday! 🙂

1. I”m counting down till Thanksgiving! This teacher needs a week off!!

2. This weekend was fun! My mom and I took the girls to the SHSU game. I loved the that they enjoyed the football game and the college crowd. It was a chance to give them a glimpse into college life.


we cheered for the Bearkats and laughed at all the funny college kids! I got to see my marching band and dance along to the songs. It was a great quick trip to Huntsville!

3. Veronica is doing UiL for music memory. I’m not sure about adding another thing to her schedule but I really think she can get a medal in it. We’ll see how it goes but so far she is liking it.

4. I kinda slept all day today. I didn’t really mean to…I was just so tired. Like I said I’m really really ready for my week off.

5. Veronica is in Student Council and she’s running for Treasure. I’m so proud of her for running. I hope she wins.

6. This week we should make a decision about Danielle and First grade vs. Kindergarten. She has been doing wonderful on her first grade work, bringing home 100’s on everything. 🙂

7. I am loving this cold weather. Wednesday the high is 53!

8.I don’t really know what else to say. 🙂 I’m watching Castle trying to relax (after sleeping all day) for the next week. Sorry this post is so lame. 🙂

Here’s another picture from the football game on Saturday to help make up for the lameness.

At the tailgate party the kids got to make posters for   the team.
At the tailgate party the kids got to make posters for the team.


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